Project Based Learning BOAF Session

Below are notes form the Project-based Learning Session hosted by Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss, authors of the ISTE publication Reinventing project Based Learning at ISTE2010.

Birds of a Feather Session – Encouraging Project based Learning
Jane Krauss & Suzie Boss

Thing that most of what we see as PBL in our schools is simply fact-finding and presentation. The difference to higher order thinking in PBL is the driving question.

Differentiation happens more naturally. It’s also not so exposing of student weaknesses. It should have a place for kids to meet the project with their skills rather than the other way around. Give students choice.

It’s important to understand the difference between teacher-directed projects and student-initiated. All projects won’t be successful…important to learn from mistakes. Real life can be mirrored – it’s full of failure.

Good to package project…eg. “Figures of the Renaissance” vs “Mingling at the Renaissance Ball” – creates student interest.
Important element is that kids drive instruction, not teacher. Find things that interest them. (e.g. use comparing phone plans to learn about slope. Make it REAL!

Set expectation: eg. Every teacher in the building will be involved in a parent exhibition of student work…teachers wanted to show interesting stuff…sharing of results…contribute to body of knowledge…interesting work comes from projects.

Classroom 2.0 Ning – subgroup called “PBL – Better with Practice” (some great examples, sharing and conversations there)

Motivation for teachers will come through kids; improved attendance, etc… “If you’re bored, they’re bored!”…teachers must be learners too!
Exercise/Challenge: Looking at the current gulf oil spill, how might you come at this? (conversations at table)

Students can have different questions/projects based on their perspective

Relevance for students “What if it happened to us?”

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