Fresh beginnings

A new year begins – sunrise on January 1st, 2013

I know it’s just another day, but there’s something about beginning a new year that promises an opportunity for growth and learning. As we pack 2012 into the digital archives, we start to look forward to what 2013 might bring – for our world, for our communities and for us as individuals.

More and more our definition of literacy will be based on an ability to do more than just read and write text but also on an ability to create and share stories using a variety of media. We have to be not just great consumers of images and video, but competent creators as well. To that end, one of my personal learning goals is to learn more about creating and using images within both  personal and professional contexts. With an iPhone and an iPad pretty much attached to my hip and the higher horse power of a Canon T3i at my disposal, today I am starting a 365 day photo journey, where I will select one image from each day and post it to my flickr feed. I will also share several of them along the way on this blog.

Of course, as a good digital citizen, all my images are licensed under a creative commons, non-commercial, share-alike attribution. We start with an image from my back window this morning as I watched the sun rise on a new year.

Happy 2013 my friends!

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