EduBloggerCon10 – a new experience

View from Hotel, Denver and the Mountains

View from Hotel, Denver and the Mountains

I’ve been to ISTE before, but never had the chance to take in EduBloggerCon. Yesterday, that story was interrupted.

When making plans for this year’s event, I booked my flights to arrive in town in time for EBC, and I wasn’t disappointed. First of all, EBC is about learning. To have the time to meet, chat and listen to people – some of whom I knew before, some not – was great for my own learning. Secondly, it’s about the social interactions that help grow networks. It’s a whole lot easier to connect with another teacher using twitter or skype once you have met them face-to-face.

I’ll blog a bit more about the sessions later, but for now, thanks to those of you who contributed to my own learning yesterday through the conversations. EBC10 won’t be my last!

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