Back in Memphis..

I am back in Memphis again for Lausanne Collegiate School’s Laptop Institute.  This conference is a special place for me for many reasons, not the least of which it is the spot where I experienced a revelation of sorts during my first visit here.

You see, I was a laptop teacher for two years and was experimenting with digitizing practice and some other ideas, but hadn’t really been exposed to the powerful opportunities of 1:1 and the idea that it wasn’t about the efficiencies of technology, but the fact that it gives us an opportunity to fundamentally change how we teach and, more importantly, learn in our classrooms.

I still remember the moment my story of learning was interrupted and changed forever.  David Warlick was the opening keynote that year.  Not to bore you with the details, but his message blew me away.  His ideas of literacy and learning were like a shot of adrenalin that jump started my passion for change. Later, I had a chance to chat with David on the bus to the hotel.  I began reading his blog. He challenged us to start blogging.  I did.  The rest is history.

I am excited to be back.  As a veteran I am happy to say that that initial trip or two alone has led to 10 staff coming last year and this year we have 14 staff attending.  Not only that, Nasis Middle is this years Laptop Institute School Spotlight Award winner.  Our staff are pumped as they get set to present sessions on the great stuff they do in their classrooms.  I am so proud of them.

More to come from Memphis!

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