Did You Know?…v3.0

As we mark the beginning days of 2009, it’s strange to think that we keep talking about new “21st Century” literacy skills of the future, yet we are already almost 10% of our way into the century?   How are our schools shifting to meet the challenge of preparing our kids for their now!!

Some of you be familiar with the original version of the “Did You Know / Shift Happens” presentation, first created by Karl Fisch at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colorado…after all, it must have been viewed by over 50 million people or so…or, as the young people say, it’s gone viral!!

Well, the latest updated version 3.0 is now out, with a funky new style and updated stats…check it out…

The question is, what does this remarkable shift mean for us as learning leaders?  Just what do our kids need to know to be global citizens in a digital, connected and information-rich global community?  How should this frame what we do every day in our classrooms?  Is your classroom getting flatter?

Just some food for thought.

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