ISTE2010 Opening Session

Well, I’ve made it to ISTE2010.  I decided to drop by the Opening Session. I wasn’t going to as I was hoping to catch up on some blogging from yesterday’s EduBloggerCom, but Richard Byrne  from Maine opined that the speaker Mario Armstrong was worthwhile, so here I am! Here is a summary of the session…. […]

Even the good stuff needs a salesman!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks at work. We’ve been busy putting together some summer PD, including our showcase event for our new 1:1 schools in our district and around the province – One-to-One Bootcamp for Teachers. To say I am excited about what is happening in New Brunswick is an understatement. There is […]

21 Century Learning @ home

I have been so stoked the last few months. I must admit the last year or so have not been particularly inspiring here in New Brunswick. It appeared that, just as a real shift in the learning narrative was starting to gain hold through a series of initiatives (1 to 1 programs in 28 schools, […]

Writing Around the World!

Want to see a young student write?  Give them an authentic audience! Most of our students are still writing on paper. They write because they are told they have to – and are usually given a topic. They write for an audience of one – their teacher – and the ONLY reason they write is […]

Tech20Tuesday – a leadoff double!

The second week of Tech20Tuesday is in the books.  Yesterday afternoon we looked at Slideshare, an on-line tool for sharing presentations and other documents.  Think of it as a “YouTube for PowerPoints“. Reaching Out to the Edges Tech20Tuesday is our district’s latest initiative to support teachers in embedding technology within their learning environments.  With almost […]

Wishing for warmth

Let’s get one thing up front – the older I get, the more I question whether or not spending the rest of my days in the cold snow belt of Eastern Canada is what I want to do.  My body starts to seize in October, and usually doesn’t thaw until late April.  For those six […]

Extending the learning

I have truly enjoyed the last four months of being back in the classroom.  The opportunity to be part of a school community and work directly with students all day is why I became a teacher.  It’s about collegiality and learning. There are, however, many things I miss about my old job as a technology […]

Learning Must Be Connected

One of the three critical questions I think we need to be asking ourselves about our practice as educators is what are we doing in our classes everyday that assists students to develop and manage their own personal learning networks? Part of the answer to this question is modeling the power of a connected learning […]