Seven Things You Didn’t Want to Know

Thanks – I think – to my friend Page Lennig for tagging me in the seven things meme.  The idea is you get tagged, you share seven things people are unlikely to know about you, and then you tag others to share their secrets.

So…here goes!

  1. I am an international fastpitch softball official – and have traveled around the globe to work three world championships.
  2. My favorite place in the whole world is Matthew’s Head in Fundy National Park (see photo).
  3. I was once on a flight between Dublin and London and sat just behind Bono of U2.  He’s quite short.
  4. I have undergraduate degrees in Geological Engineering and Education.  I came to teaching at the ripe old age of 39!
  5. My family is half a Brady Bunch – my wife and I have each contributed two kids to the mix.
  6. Nobody should ever confuse me with a mechanic or a handyman!
  7. I used to manage a public radio station, and did some summer DJing at my hometown station.

Hmmm.  Now, who to tag?  How about…

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