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Live Blogging

Monday Morning keynote…

Laptop Institute Keynote – Scott KlososkyLive blogged…please excuse typos…


Technology…is just a tool… it doesn’t do anything…

Need to understand concepts of technology – we don’t understand how much tech has already changed things… we can spend lots of $$$ on tech, but it won’t change anything

In healthcare, Google is the second opinion.  People research diagnosis on own, self medicate, reference.  Google has rolled out Google Health Record.  Number two advertiser in world is Google – 5 years ago it didn’t exist.  targeted marketing – track and focus advertising.  Apple is number one music retailer today, only three years in development! How did this happen?

Is it possible that this can be done w. education? Can learning leadership come from outside school system?  The need will get filled.  Young people want learning, if we don’t give it to them in the way they want it, they will gte it from the net.  How do we service them? How do we create value?

The iThryv” Generation…they will use tools to survive/thrive….as educators, we need to a) Learn to better see the future, b) understand the impact of technology and c) evolve “how” you teach with new tools.

Future of technology…virtual worlds…NA has Second Life, Chinese have own…Internet in general will be come a 3D world.  Google is rumoured to be building a parrallel universe merging Google Earth and Second Life…

What is good about this?  A virtual space could be a great learning space…visual clues can be added…tags, etc… brain/computer interfaces (exist now!…read here) will allow users to navigate virtual worlds at speed of thought…

“If you are going to create value, you must INFUSE PROGRESS that will be RELEVANT in the future.”  – if we don’t, we are wasting our time…we need to think for lifelong scope…we need to think ahead…vision…

“Young people are busy assembling their “e-community”…it is not NetFun, NetVisit or NetPlay…it is NETWORK!  plaxo+linkedin+facebook=ecommunity”

  • this sounds an awful lot like my personal learning network

As educators, we need to start connecting with students in these ways if we aren’t already!

Technology has allowed us to work anytime, anywhere – need to differentiate between on the grid and off the grid…laptops won’t solve every problem…need to be able to have human interaction… it’s important to disconnect at times…

The future? We will all have a grid profile that will tell us how to contact us…what am I using in terms of tools, where am I (GPS tracking), status (busy, invisible, available), group variability of status, how am i represented? (avatars, profiles), best communication methods.

Need to learn to use right tools at right time…don’t ask simple questions via phone call…twitter, etc…that will be important for our kids to know…as teachers we need to add plaxo, linkedin, twitter and msn id’s…but soon we will simply have  a grid profile…

Cloud Computing…in 1950’s…mainframes with tethered terminals, IT controled, 1980’s…PC’s… untethered… partial IT control…standards!!, now in 2008…cloud computing… applications untethered, IT less control, all apps web-based, devices only need to have screen and input devices…cloud knows it is me, computinmg power tied to me and I can access from anywhere… for young people, this is future…they will exisit on net w. access and use tools…much for free.

Clash of cultures…collaboration vs control…business isn’t there yet…standards-based…e.g. google docs vs MS Office.

  • education is in same boat

In order to effectively teach, we have to try and see world as kids see it…EMPATHY!

Example…teaching kids financial literacy…. kewl…school based.

We are blessed to live in this time of change…don’t waste it!

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