Web 3.0…or is that 3D?

I admit that I have been struggling to even wrap my brain around many of the new web apps out there that others seem to be raving about…blogs and wikis seem almost old school as learners move to Diigo and Second Life….mostly it’s a matter of time, but sometimes I am just overwhelmed by the ideas of other teachers with amazing creativity and vision.

People like Jeff Utecht, Karl Fisch and Clay Burell blow me away (links to their blogs are to the left)…how they find the time to develop their own knowledge and share with others is beyond me…but probably the teacher that I am most in awe of is Vicki Davis…Vicki’s CoolCatTeacher blog is a veritable smorgasboard of practical applications and ideas, but also has a real mix of great vision.

I am still trying to digest her recent post on web 3D (as opposed to web 3.0). With tools like Second Life at our disposal, it seems like the future of the web is changing in many dimensions. The opportunities to (re)capture the interest of our students in “school” are maximized when we can create dynamic learning environments – online and offline – that draw students into the learning process.

My question is, where do I get the funky glasses?

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